The Manitoba Government has developed the ManitobaAddressChange system to allow residents making a move within the province the choice of conveniently submitting their change of address information online to the multiple Manitoba programs, Crown corporations, municipalities and utilities they are involved with (the participating programs) listed on the website. The following Privacy Notice governs the operation and use of this website.

ManitobaAddressChange is a secure service. It is an alternate way to change your address with participating programs. If you do not wish to use ManitobaAddressChange or do not consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information about you, or to the Terms of Use, as explained in the Consent section below, you may submit change of address information by contacting the participating program directly.

What Personal Information Manitoba Collects and How We Use It

Automatically Collected
When you visit our website, our servers log and store:

  • your nine-number Internet protocol (IP) address IP address
  • domain name (ex:
  • operating system type
  • browser type
  • the time you logged into the site
  • what pages you visited
  • length of each visit
  • your general geographic location

Some of this information may identify you, depending upon the naming standards used by your Internet service provider, the date of your visit and the pages you visited on this website. The information is used only for trouble-shooting, error location and to facilitate statistical analysis of the load and usage of the site so we can make improvements for users. Manitoba does not link this information to any personal information that an individual may otherwise voluntarily submit. Manitoba does not sell or otherwise provide client-supplied information to third parties except to the participating programs as set out herein.

Collected in ManitobaAddressChange Form

Each participating program has its own section in the ManitobaAddressChange form, which asks only for the information the program has assured Manitoba it needs to process your change of address. Manitoba sends the information you provide only to the participating program whose name appears on that form. No other participating programs receive it. To submit your change of address information to more than one participating program, simply fill out additional forms as required.

If you choose to use an online form on this website to submit your change of address information to one of the participating programs, we will collect the following information, as the case may be, when you voluntarily provide it:

  • your name
  • your old address
  • your new address
  • your current contact information (ex: telephone numbers, email address)
  • unique numbers that identify you, such as your six-digit registration number and nine-digit personal health ID number (for Manitoba Health only)
  • your current employer (where applicable)
  • your band name (where applicable)
  • your treaty number (where applicable)
  • other information (ex: age, gender) the participating program needs to identify you accurately in their records
  • other specific information the participating program needs to process your change of address


The information each participating program requests depends on how your move affects its services. Some need only to update your address information. For other participating programs, changing your address has additional effects on their services that will require further information to carry out. For example, you may need to close your former account and open a new one. The participating program’s name and specific information requested will be set out on each form.

The unique number that identifies you is collected to make sure the correct address is changed and to prevent someone from changing your address online without your knowledge. Where requested, your current employer contact information is required to get in touch with you for billing inquiries. Where requested, your band membership and treaty number are required for calculating sales tax.

As stated above, if you do not wish to use ManitobaAddressChange, you may always submit your change of address information by contacting a participating program directly.

Manitoba will store information submitted through the online forms for 14 days on its secure servers, after which it will destroy the information. During the storage period, Manitoba will securely transmit the information to applicable participating programs.


Manitoba’s Legal Authority to Collect Your Information

The collection of your personal information is necessary for ManitobaAddressChange to provide a convenient option for you to submit your change of address information online to multiple participating programs. Your personal information is being collected by Manitoba under the authority of clause 36(1)(b) of Manitoba’s The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), as is necessary for and directly related to this service. Manitoba limits the personal information it collects about you to the minimum amount that participating programs have assured Manitoba they require to process your change of address.

Your personal information is protected by Manitoba under FIPPA and, in the case of any personal health information collected, The Personal Health Information Act Manitoba cannot use or disclose your information for other purposes unless you consent or Manitoba is authorized to do so by FIPPA or PHIA.


How your Personal Information is Secured and Protected

Manitoba will protect your personal information by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal. Security measures are integrated in the design, implementation and day-to-day operating practices as part of Manitoba’s continuing commitment to the protection of personal information it holds. The personal information you submit on this website is secured by secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption as it travels to this website and is secured with AES 256-bit encryption while on route to Manitoba’s internal network.



By accessing this website and by submitting your change of address information through its online forms, you consent to Manitoba’s collection, use and disclosure of the information about you as described above and to the ManitobaAddressChange Terms of Use. Please ensure you carefully review this Privacy Notice and the Terms of Use before proceeding. If you do not consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information about you, or to the Terms of Use, please do not proceed further and do not submit any online forms to this website. As noted above, you may contact the appropriate participating program directly to submit your information.

Users of this website have an obligation to provide accurate and complete information and may be subject to penalties or fines for providing false or inaccurate information.

You may quit a session at any time before you submit an online form and, if you do so, any information you have provided in the online form will not be stored on any Manitoba server.



If you have any questions about Manitoba’s collection of information about you, please contact:

    Tony Sailer
    Project Manager, Online Services
    100-215 Garry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Telephone: 204-793-2907

If you have questions about a participating program’s handling of your information, please note that participating programs collect, use, disclose, retain and destroy your information according to their own privacy and security policies and any legislative provisions that apply. Manitoba encourages you to become familiar with these policies and provisions by reviewing the privacy policies contained on each participating program’s official website. You may also contact participating programs directly with any questions you have.

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